My Process

1. Roadmap to Success

I’ll take your project brief, look it over, and ask you about 8 million questions. While that sounds like a lot, it’s important because through the answers to those questions, plus research on your industry and competitors, we can build a roadmap for your web strategy. With that information, I can build you a delightful website to pursue that strategy.
Deliverable: Web Strategy Roadmap

2. Building Blocks

With roadmap in hand, I will gather the building blocks for your project. I’ll ask any questions that are still outstanding. I’ll build a sitemap to show all the planned pages for your site and their place within the website. I’ll also put together a style guide with color, typography and textures for your site. If a solution will be complex, I will also build a prototype to explain functionality when needed.
Deliverables: Sitemap, styleguide, possibly a prototype


3. Content Gathering

Although this is step number 3, it will start before the end of step number 2.
A successful website is not only pretty, but it also accomplishes a purpose. For me to effectively design your site, I need to know what you want to put on it. So, I will give you worksheets to help you write the content that will be on your pages. If you need assistance with writing content and selecting images, I do have those packages available.
Deliverables: Completed content worksheets (from client!)


4. Design

Once you have returned the completed content worksheets, I will mockup a design for the home page plus one interior page. These designs will be based on all the previous deliverables, so there should be no surprises at this point.
Deliverables: Home Page Mockup, 1 Interior Page Mockup

5. Development

Here’s where I build out the rest of your site, including your specific functionality, as well as things like security features and responsiveness to screen size.

6. Turnover

Whew! It’s the homestretch! We will have a 30 – 45 minute meeting to review your site together. I will provide you with documentation, screenshot tutorials, and some hands-on training.

7. On-going Site Care

After I deliver the project, there will still be more to do. You new website will be a collection of software pieces that must be cared for and maintained. You’ll want to keep your security systems humming and your software updated. I will monitor and care for your site for 30 days post launch. After that however, you will need to take over these tasks or join one of our care plans.

All care plans include: core WordPress updates, theme and plugin updates, backups, uptime monitoring